Holiday tables will sparkle when you make these easy glittered "cone" trees

Christmas trees glitter glitter trees

This is such an easy project, but it packs a lot of holiday sparkle. Perfect for your holiday table...make a whole set of glitter trees for your holiday mantel! Here's a few glitter color combinations you could use:

  • champagne gold extra fine & stubby
  • ruby red extra fine & stubby
  • emerald green extra fine & chubby
  • silver extra fine & stubby

Styrofoam cones with colored glitter

These DIY trees are so easy to do with just a few simple steps.
Use whatever color glitter you want, and mix and match for some festive DIY Christmas décor!

  • Line your workspace with a drop cloth or newspaper.
  • Tape off or form aluminum foil over the part of the foam cone that you do not want to glitter first.
  • Brush glue or use spray adhesive on the portion of the cone that you want to glitter. Then pour the desired glitter color over the cone until its completely covered. Set aside to dry completely. Once the cone has dried, take off the tape or foil.
  • Brush the remaining part of the cone with glue and pour a different color glitter over the cone to contrast the other half of the cone.
  • Set the cone aside to dry completely.

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